Will You Be Covered if a Big Blizzard Hits Nova Scotia?

Snow and ice are an inevitable part of winter in Nova Scotia but major ice storms can result in devastating damage to homes and businesses in the province. Does your commercial, house or combined insurance have you protected? Or is it leaving you out in the cold? Keep reading for more info about some common storm damages and the type of coverage that you can expect.

How a Storm Can Affect Your Home

Severe snowstorms can result in major damage to your home. You can do a lot to prepare your house for storm season but Nova Scotia snowstorms are unpredictable in nature and some accidents simply can’t be prevented. Some of the types of damages that are covered by most house insurance plans are:

  • Frozen and burst pipes—When the temperatures drop there is always a risk that pipes, especially supply lines, may freeze and then burst. Burst pipes can cause countless problems but most plans will cover this type of damage.
  • Falling objects, like trees and branches—Whether it is your tree, your neighbour’s tree or some other type of falling debris, any damage that occurs will likely be covered by your plan.
  • Food spoilage resulting from a power outage—If the power is out for an extended period of time, the food in your fridge and freezer can spoil. Most house insurance plans offer some compensation for this loss, but there are limitations.

Choose a plan that’ll keep you covered all year round. Visit Eisenhauer Insurance to learn more about the different types of house insurance coverage in Nova Scotia.

What about My Business?

Commercial insurance coverage in Nova Scotia is pretty much just like house insurance. Your plan should protect you against damage from heavy snow, burst pipes, and falling objects. You’ll also be protected if a power outage results in spoilage and loss of inventory.

The key difference between home insurance and commercial insurance is that you can opt to add business interruption coverage to your plan. This type of coverage compensates you if severe storm damage has forced you to close your doors to business while you do repairs or cleanup.

Getting the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Needs

You can trust Eisenhauer Insurance to take care of all of your insurance needs. We can help you find the best rates for insurance, house, tenant, commercial insurance and motorcycle or combined insurance. We’re a family business that puts our customers first. Contact us today to get a quote!

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