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Get Customized Service from an Established Insurance Company in Halifax Nova Scotia

Car, home and property insurance are the kinds of things you may not think about often—that is, until you have a car accident or damage is done to your home. That’s when you’ll be glad you took the time to research insurance companies in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We partner with the best so that you can get the best coverage. Here’s what we mean:

We Collaborate with the Best Companies in the Country

Technically speaking, we are a brokerage company; we talk with you to find out your specific budget and coverage needs, and then we research the products offered by the providers we work with. Next we discuss with you the choices that we think will give you the best protection.


It’s important to us that the companies we work with at our Halifax office have established reputations and a stellar track record in responding fairly and quickly to our customers’ claims.

We Hire the Best Brokers

Eisenhauer began as a small company in 1980. Thirty-five years of growth and success later, we are now one of the largest single-office insurance businesses in Nova Scotia. Our team of 20 skilled brokers and support staff is big, but we treat each one of our customers as though their file is our most important one.


Your broker is your go-to person when you’re looking for car, motorcycle, business insurance or coverage for your house, condo or rental home. Most import ant of all, each and every one of our brokers is experienced in navigating through the sometimes confusing waters of coverage products and claims.

Our Partners

If Eisenhauer is one of the best brokerages in Halifax and surrounding areas, it’s because our expert brokers partner with insurance companies that have solid reputations. These relationships have been carefully developed over time so we can give our customers the best possible options.

Travelers Insurance

Drop by our Halifax office or call us today — no appointment is necessary. We invite you to join us in partnering with Canada’s best and most trusted companies for all your coverage needs.

At Eisenhauer, we offer no-pressure, no-obligation, consultative insurance services.

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