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Eisenhauer Insurance Inc. is Proud to Offer These Tips

Eisenhauer Insurance Inc. would like to offer a couple of tips for a more trouble-free lifestyle, based on the claims we most often see. For instance, to avoid the hassle of having your car in the shop just when you need it most, use winter tires on your car in the winter. Sellers of all-season tires may profess that their tires work year-round, but they may not be made for snowy conditions; winter tires are.

Save Money on Auto/Car Insurance!

Did you know you could save up to 25% on your auto insurance in three easy steps? It’s true! Intact Insurance is now offering my Driving Discount™ to reward you for your good driving behavior.

  1. Sign Up – If you aren’t an Intact Insurance policy holder, start by getting a quote. If you are, talk to your broker about enrolling in our new program and you can automatically save 5% on your car insurance.

  2. Set Up – You’ll receive a my Driving Discount™ device in the mail that you can plug into your vehicle’s OBD port. During the next 6 months, you’ll be able to track your driving and see future savings!

  3. Save – After your 6 month assessment period, you’ll receive an email telling you how much you’ve saved. Your car insurance could drop in price by as much as 25%!

By signing up today, you will save an automatic 5% on your insurance! All you need to do is Sign Up, Set Up and Save. Learn more by calling us today.

Protect Family Treasures

Also, to avoid fire, never leave candles unattended. And remember to store wood stove and fireplace ashes in a lidded metal container outside, not in your garage. At Eisenhauer Insurance Inc., we realize that there are some things we just can’t replace – like wedding albums and other family photos, meaningful items and heirlooms. Help protect those items.


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