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Home & Car Insurance Quotes

Preparing for a Home or Car Insurance Quote in Nova Scotia

Are you getting ready to buy your first house or trade in your old vehicle? Having the proper insurance for your new purchase is part of the package. Eisenhauer Insurance is here to help you prepare for a home or car insurance quote wherever in Nova Scotia you live. The process goes much more smoothly if you have all the necessary information right in front of you before you call us or request a quote online. Our brokers are ready to help you receive the best rates for your needs, including options for combined insurance that you may qualify for. Don’t hesitate to visit or contact us for help if you have questions.

Preparing for a Home Insurance Quote

Whether you are shopping for a family home or downsizing to a comfortable condo, you want home insurance to protect your investment from the first minute of ownership. When you submit your offer, have your homeowner’s insurance quote ready for a future closing too.

 Your insurance broker can offer you a more accurate quote if you are prepared with information that includes:

  • Property – location, number of rooms, square footage, lot size, garage size
  • Special features – finished basement, number of storeys, swimming pool, detached structures
  • Structural improvements and security – updated wiring, new furnace, smoke detectors, alarm system
  • Details about water, sewage and flood protection
  • Your mortgage details – financial institution and contact information
  • Assessed value of the property
  • Details about your personal possessions, valuables, household goods
  • Any current homeowner’s policies in your name
  • Number of years covered by homeowners or tenant insurance

Requesting a Car Insurance Quote

Before you sign the paperwork for that sporty dream car or hand over cash for a used second vehicle, you need the required auto insurance to drive away legally. An accurate insurance quote beforehand can also help you decide whether to buy that particular vehicle, or not, according to the bottom line of monthly costs. Are you adding a new or teenage driver to your policy? Getting a new car insurance quote is a smart idea.

 Here are some facts to have on hand to help our insurance broker provide you with the best, most accurate quote:

  • Make, model, year, special features, and VIN for vehicle 
  • Details, including dates, about each driver’s record:
    • Last 3 years for violations and/or licence suspensions
    • Last 10 years for motor vehicle collisions and accidents
  • Average distance you intend to drive the vehicle annually
  • Use of vehicle for business or personal use
  • Current policy numbers, renewal dates, coverage, and deductibles for all vehicles you own
  • For all drivers in household, drivers licence numbers and licensed dates
  • Any relevant out-of-province documentation
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