High-Risk Drivers

High-Risk Auto and Car Insurance in Halifax Nova Scotia: One of Our Specialties

Have you been turned down by other car insurance companies in the past because of a poor driving record? Don’t worry! At Eisenhauer Insurance, we specialize in high-risk auto insurance because we know that bad luck and accidents often go together—and we’re here to help you get back on the road to a great driving reputation.

We provide affordable insurance for high-risk drivers, and we also offer emergency claims assistance in a timely manner. We take the complexity out of a difficult situation and help you turn things around; just contact one of our friendly insurance brokers for competitive rates.

Who is a “High-Risk” Driver?

Eisenhauer Insurance understands that no two drivers are the same. Drivers become “high-risk” for multiple reasons; they may have received one too many speeding tickets, they might be inexperienced drivers who get into accidents--or perhaps they simply forgot to pay insurance bills and were dropped by an insurer.

A multitude of behaviors can contribute to high-risk driving. If you are considered high-risk and have collected too many demerit points, it can take time and patience for those points to be expunged. We’ll assist you while you overcome various infractions:

  • Multiple driving tickets

  • Suspended licenses

  • Frequent accidents/claims

  • Impaired-driving record

If you’ve been treated poorly by other insurance companies, visit Eisenhauer Insurance. There’s a reason why the Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating. We’re the source for high-risk driver insurance in Halifax—simply call at 902-454-5888 or request for an online quote today!

At Eisenhauer, we offer no-pressure, no-obligation, consultative insurance services.

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