Tenant Insurance

Protect Your Possessions with Tenant Insurance in Halifax Nova Scotia

At Eisenhauer Insurance, we offer tenant insurance to Halifax renters so you can be sure you aren’t left with nothing if your rented home is gutted by fire or other disasters.

Insurance Plans for All Types of Renters

You need to protect your belongings in an apartment, home, or condo the same way a homeowner does. A basic tenant insurance plan covers just the contents of your home—the things that belong to you.

But it does more than that. Have you considered that you might need financial assistance if you had to move out of your apartment quickly due to damages or repairs? Eisenhauer Insurance can set up your insurance coverage to take care of it.

What about when you are responsible for damages to your apartment building? Or your housekeeper slips on a spill on your kitchen floor? Your tenant insurance covers claims made against you for injuries or damages that could happen on the premises. Your policy also covers personal or property damage you unintentionally cause away from home, whether you are legally liable or not.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tenant Insurance

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