Ways to Protect Your Vehicle from Common Problems

Keeping your car or motorcycle safe means more than just avoiding accidents with other drivers. Take an active role in the protection of your vehicle by reviewing these helpful tips from us at Eisenhauer Insurance.


Secure Your Vehicle: The first step to securing your vehicle is locking your doors. Many people don’t lock their doors, thinking that their vehicle is safe or that they will only be away for a minute.

Also, roll up your car windows. This applies to convertibles and T-tops. Locking your doors does nothing if a thief can reach in and unlock your car.

Another thing you want to avoid is leaving a spare key hidden somewhere in or by where your vehicle is parked. Once a thief is in your vehicle, they know where to look for hidden keys.

Hide Your Valuables: Valuables left on a seat might as well scream, “Take me, take me.” A thief may not want to steal your car or motorcycle, but may have no problems taking your iPod, wallet, or cell phone. If you keep expensive electronics in your vehicle, make sure they are out of sight.

Park in a Public Place: A great place to park your car at night would be right under a streetlamp. Thieves like the shadows and will avoid attention. Parking in a public place or a well-lit location acts as an added deterrent to would-be criminals.

If you park in a pay or attended lot, only give the attendee the keys to the door and ignition. If possible, change the locks to your trunk and glove compartment. This will deter any sticky-fingered attendees.

Carry Your Information: You carry your driver’s license with you, why not carry your registration as well? Your vehicle’s registration contains vital information. Don’t give a thief more ways to steal from you.

Other anti-theft recommendations include:
  • Park in your garage
  • Use the club
  • Get an after-market alarm


Many of the same tips to protecting your vehicle against theft apply also to vandalism. Make sure to park in a well-lit area. A security system in the area is further deterrent to would-be vandals. If you feel the area you are parking your vehicle is unsafe, don’t park there. The safest place to park your car or motorcycle is in a patrolled garage.

One thing that seems to attract vandals more often is after-market upgrades, especially when installed on vehicles that don’t typically have them. Offensive bumper stickers have a tendency to draw negative attention to your vehicle as well.

Environmental Damage

No one can stop the elements from raging, but you can prevent them from damaging your vehicle. Whether extreme heat or cold, there are precautions to take to lessen or prevent damage to your vehicle.

Extreme Heat: The most effective way to protect your car or motorcycle from excessive heat is to park in the shade. For a car, this can lower the internal temperature by a number of degrees, which protects the interior. For a motorcycle, parking in the shade means protecting its paint colour and seats from fading from sun exposure.

Winterize: Problems with your vehicle pop-up more often during the winter season. Some common winter problems include:
  • Hoses and belts crack and tear
  • Heavy snow can damage windshield wipers
  • Oil can become thick
  • Coolant can freeze and not cool your engine properly
  • Batteries die
  • Tires lose pressure
Make sure to check these problem areas when the temperature begins to drop. A weathered eye can prevent most of these winter dangers from causing real damage to your vehicle.
Periodical MaintenanceCar or motorcycle engine fires are dangerous and can have deadly consequences. Make sure your vehicle receives regular maintenance and that it’s performed by a skilled mechanic. If you provide the maintenance for your car yourself, take your time. Sloppy maintenance can result in engine fires.

Locate your vehicle’s heat gauge and monitor it for overheating. An overheated engine can also cause an engine fire. Keep an eye on your vehicle’s coolant.

The most common cause of vehicle fires is due to a fuel system leak. The oils and grease within the vehicle can erode the fuel lines. This erosion leads to leaking fuel and possible fire. Have your mechanic check your fuel lines periodically to ensure they are in working order.

Insure Your Vehicle

Too many factors make it impossible to completely remove all risk to your vehicle. Maintaining your car requires that you cover your vehicle with quality insurance.

Be proactive when protecting your motorcycle or your car. Knowing what to watch for when protecting your vehicle allows you to be more effective.

Not all auto insurance is equal, so contact our helpful staff at Eisenhauer Insurance to find the policy that is right for you!

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