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Tips to Drive Safely in the Fall & Prevent Costly Auto Insurance Hikes

Surprisingly, the fall season tends to be the source of a number of auto accidents. As the weather starts to change, it is important that you not only stay safe on the road for yourself and others, but also avoid any costly changes in your car insurance in Halifax.

Why Fall Poses a Risk to Drivers The most common hazard during fall is the accumulation of leaves on the roadways. As these become wet, they become slippery, making driving conditions similar to icy roads. If the temperatures drop too low, the wet leaves can also begin to freeze and reduce your car’s traction control. Here are some ways to stay safe despite the fall road conditions:

  • Slow down when driving on roads covered with leaves, especially when taking turns or around sharp corners.

  • Give yourself plenty of space if you need to stop in an emergency.

  • Keep more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

  • Leaves cover potholes and bumps, so stay on the lookout and be prepared for unexpected bumps.

  • Keep your windshield washer filled up in case you need to clean off dirt and debris.

  • Clean the leaves off your car before you get on the road. This will prevent flying leaves distracting drivers behind and around you.

Some Other Hazards of Fall Driving Halifax insurance carriers see their fair share of claims in the fall because of the inconsistent weather. Some other hazards you may experience during this season include:

  • Rain - For the first few weeks, heavy rain may bring on water pools and slick oil spots on the road.

  • Fog - Those cold fall mornings bring crisp air and fog which can dramatically decrease your visibility.

  • Frost - As temperatures drop a fair bit at night, morning frost and icy spots are common on the road.

  • Extreme sun glare - This can affect your sight for a few seconds and make it hard to see pedestrians or other vehicles.

  • Deer - In some areas, there will be an increase in deer activity right around this time of the year, so watch for deer as you drive, especially at night.

If you have filed a claim and now are experiencing higher premiums for auto insurance in Halifax, contact Eisenhauer Insurance. We can compare rates and find you the best premiums based on your driving record. Get in touch for a free insurance quote in Nova Scotia today. You can call us at 902-454-5888 or request a quote online. Return to main blog page


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