Keep Your Teen Drivers Safe on Summer Road Trips—Tips from Your Car Insurance Provider in Nova Scotia

The season to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors is back! Your teen driver has received his or her license and you find yourself worrying about every move they make behind the wheel. With summer come those exciting road trips and a lot more driving. While you and your teenagers enjoy being on the road, you live with the nagging worry about driving safety. Teens are more likely to engage in high-risk driving behaviours the further they venture away from home. To avoid this, you will want to set some ground rules and make sure your teen knows the risks associated with irresponsible driving behaviour.

How to Reduce Your Teen’s High-Risk Driving Behaviours

If your teen is taking off with a few friends for a summer road trip, you will not be there to watch their every move. There are some things you can do to hopefully reduce their high risk driving habits, for instance:

  • Make Sure Your Teen Is Ready - Before taking off with the family car, make sure your teen is responsible and experienced enough. The majority of crashes among new drivers happen because they underestimate dangerous situations and are less likely to recognize hazards. If your teen has not exhibited responsible behaviour behind the wheel, do not let them take the family car. It’s easier to deal with their disappointment than with accidents and injury.
  • Strictly Emphasize No Texting or Talking - Make sure your teen is mindful that there is no texting or talking on their phone while driving.
  • Check Your Car Insurance in Halifax - Review your coverage and make sure if your teen travels out of the city or country, you are still covered.
  • Provide an Emergency Kit - Make sure the family car has an emergency roadside kit and that your teen knows how to change the tires, use road flares, etc.
  • Educate Your Teen about the Risks - Not only could your teen risk their life (as well as the lives of any passengers), but too many tickets or accidents will dramatically increase their Halifax insurance rates.
While you cannot be there every step of the way, preparing your teen for responsible driving is your best defense against high-risk driving behaviours.

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