8 Ways to Secure Your First Apartment

If you are a first-time apartment dweller, we at Eisenhauer Insurance have provided a blog with some helpful tips and information to get you started in protecting your home.

Farther from Ground, Farther from Danger

As you select your apartment, remember to keep location in mind. Choose an apartment above the ground floor since these surface-level residences have the highest risk factor. In general, burglars choose homes they can break into quickly and without detection. Therefore, easily accessible windows and doors provide a tempting mark.

Landlord Restrictions

Once you choose your apartment unit, sit down with your landlord and discuss security measures. He or she may upgrade the system if you show concern. However, that is not always the case. Even if they don’t purchase a security system or place exterior lights, you can create a safer apartment. Just make sure you get their approval before you make any alterations or additions.

Remember that you need to respect your lease agreement. If you ignore this document and alter the apartment, you can lose your security deposit or even face eviction. Consult with your landlord to ensure you adhere to the agreement and improve the apartment together.

Unofficial Neighbourhood Watch
One surprising way to protect your home? Be social. Get to know your neighbours. These neighbours could live in the apartment next door or down the hall. If your fellow renters can see your door or walk past it often, they are the optimal choice to engage first.

In addition to creating friendships, this contact will encourage a protective environment. Since they’ll know your general habits, who lives with you, and common visitors, your neighbours might notice suspicious behaviour from potential robbers. If they do notice a cause for concern, they might be more willing to call you or even the authorities.

Top Secret Keys
While you should get to know your neighbours and remain as social as you want, do not trust people with your keys too quickly. Though we are more likely give spare keys to friends, they sometimes misuse them. Some may take advantage of your trust and steal your things; however, the much more likely scenario is that they simply misplace your keys.

Those misplaced keys can find themselves in undesirable hands in no time. Treat your keys like your wallet or purse. You wouldn’t allow most people to hold those items because they contain valuables and private information. But apartment keys access nearly all your valuables and private information. Only give them to people that you trust, and limit the number of copies you make.

Doors & Windows
Keys aren’t much use if you don’t lock your door. This may seem obvious now, but burglars rob hundreds of homes every year because unlocked doors provided an easy target.

Before you leave the apartment or go to sleep at night, lock all doors and windows. If you have housemates, consider a new bedroom doorknob. Most doors will lock from the inside but won’t allow you to lock it from the outside. Purchase a keyed doorknob to ensure you belongings are secured within your bedroom when you leave for the day.

If your landlord prefers his or her original knob, simply replace the old one before you move to another place of residence.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
We’ve mentioned that burglars tend to take the path of least resistance. They look for ground-level, unlocked apartments that appear empty. They also look for homes that display wealth. Remember this as you decorate your rooms, particularly those that are near your entryway.

If you can see a television, computer, phone, stereo system, or gaming console from the front door, then burglars can as well. Since those temptations might encourage burglars to enter your home, keep them away from windows.

Social Media Blackout
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and the many other social media sites are fantastic ways to keep in touch with old friends and catch up on news from around the world. However, if you post or tweet where you and your friends are having dinner or when you are going on vacation, you alert people to another fact—that your apartment is empty.

Make your profile private and think about what you post before you press “enter.”

Insurance Coverage

You can take steps toward a safer apartment. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean that you’ll prevent burglary. To ensure you have the highest protection possible, purchase tenant insurance. Your agent will discuss different options to create the optimal policy.

Now that you know a few ways to protect your apartment, stay vigilant and enjoy your safe home.
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