3 Important Benefits of Combined Insurance

Because people are often looking for the best initial insurance quotes for different insurance policies, they often end up paying premiums to numerous different insurance companies every month. The problem with this strategy is not only the resulting confusion, but the fact that it can cause you to miss out on the advantages of combining your insurance policies with the same insurer.

There are three important benefits to choosing home and auto combined insurance from the Halifax combined insurance brokers at Eisenhauer Insurance that you should definitely consider:

Lower Deductibles 

On top of saving you money with lower premiums, home and auto combined insurance in Halifax can save you from having to pay multiple deductibles for insurance claims stemming from one event.

For example, consider that extreme weather events such as snow, rain, and hailstorms may cause damage to your house and your car. If you have two different policies, then you may have to pay two different deductibles. If, however, both are covered under a combined insurance policy, then you will only have to pay the one deductible before your insurance company covers the rest.

Convenience and Flexibility

The perks of choosing combined insurance from the same Nova Scotia provider extend beyond just saving money. You'll also benefit from the convenience of working with only one insurer at a time. No more making payments on different days of the month and no more keeping track of when your various policies are about to renew.

With home and auto combined insurance you are also free to add other lines of coverage. For example, you may want to cover multiple vehicles, or perhaps add a cottage and a recreational vehicle to your policy.

Get Combined Insurance Quotes in Halifax

If you've got multiple policies with many different insurers, then it's time to regroup and take a look at combined insurance rates and quotes.

At Eisenhauer Insurance, we work with many companies that offer combined insurance in Nova Scotia. We'll help you find the best home and auto combined insurance rates that provide all of the coverage you need.

Contact Eisenhauer Insurance today to request a quote or to speak to a combined insurance broker about how you can save money on your home and auto insurance.

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