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Ovation and Eisenhauer: Your VIP Insurance Experts for Your High Value Assets in Halifax Nova Scotia

Whether your wealth is emerging or established, we understand that you have distinct needs when it comes to protecting your valued possessions. You require a level of coverage and service that cannot be found with standard insurance policies.

You can find that expertise with Ovation Aviva through Eisenhauer Insurance.

We have specialized staff trained to handle your specific, preferred needs. With dedicated phone lines that offer concierge service, we are here for you.

Ovation insurance offers the best protection available for the unique risks that come with having more.

Ovation Insurance: Quality Service You Expect

Your time is a valuable asset. Ovation insurance in Halifax goes beyond regular high standards of service to streamline the process of making a claim. With VIP concierge claims service, you will have dedicated claims care experts who will work around your schedule. We’ll resolve claims fast and hassle-free, and if your claim can’t be resolved you’ll receive a cheque for the amount of your premium at the time of loss.

Insurance that Meets Your Distinct Needs

All of your high value assets need proper coverage, and standard insurance policies just don’t meet your needs. Ovation Aviva provides complete coverage for your unique needs. We’ll take the worry off your hands with coverage that can protect what you value most.

 Auto insurance. Whether for a family SUV or a luxury sports car, your vehicle can have enhanced car insurance coverage through Ovation. This service comes with:

  • Your choice of repair shop
  • Courtesy vehicles that meet your standards
  • Optional coverage to provide brand new models in case of total loss 
  • Optional coverage to protect your driving record
  • Courtesy valet service that brings the replacement vehicle to you

 Property insurance. Your home showcases your achievements, memories and interests, so you need to protect it with quality insurance. Designed to protect your distinct lifestyle, Ovation has specialized options to cover everything from sewer backups to jewellery and artwork.

 Leisure and lifestyle insurance. Because you’ve worked hard to achieve your lifestyle, you need specialized coverage to protect your passions. Leisure and lifestyle insurance can cover prized possessions such as antiques, collections, motor homes, recreational vehicles, boats and more.

 Personal umbrella insurance. Your achievements allow you to enjoy what life has to offer, but they can also make you and your family more vulnerable to lawsuits and financial risks. Ovation offers personal umbrella insurance to help protect you when you have more to lose. Personal umbrella insurance can also protect your valuable reputation with enhancements such as legal defense costs.

You’ve worked hard for your achievements. With the personalized VIP coverage that comes with Ovation insurance, your assets and your family will be properly protected. Email us today to learn more about Ovation Aviva through Eisenhauer Insurance.

At Eisenhauer, we offer no-pressure, no-obligation, consultative insurance services.

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