What to expect after being injured in an accident

Most people go their entire lives without ever being injured in a car accident. However, it never hurts to be prepared in case the worst should ever happen to you. At Eisenhauer Insurance, we’ll work to find the policy with the best coverage at a price that will keep you and your wallet in good health. Insurance claims can be daunting—let our team of experts walk you through what to expect if you ever get injured in a car accident.

Assess the situation
The first thing you should always do immediately following an accident is to assess the damage. This means checking yourself for any injuries BEFORE going to the aid of anyone else or checking the damage to your car. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, always seek medical attention before doing anything else. The damage to your vehicle can be documented and taken care of later. Get yourself to a hospital right away.

Making your claim
Making a claim for your injuries can be difficult. While your insurance will cover you up to a certain amount, in the case of a serious injury, it might not be enough. Be prepared to file a claim against the other driver involved in the accident for additional pain and suffering (compensation for loss of income, long-term rehabilitation expenses, etc.). Expect to be asked about your injuries. When asked, be clear about the severity of your situation as it could determine how much they compensate you and for how long.

Be aware of your situation
Injuries can be costly. Between hospital stays, rehabilitation and the possibility of missing significant amounts of work, it’s important to get your entitled payout when involved in a car accident where you end up injured. The amount you are compensated is entirely dependent on how much the accident has affected your life. Loss of income, out of pocket expenses and inability to perform tasks that you used to are all factors that play into how you will be compensated. Know how you’ve been affected in order to receive a fair payout.

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