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What risks should homeowners in Halifax be insured against?

In Canada, you need to have some form of home insurance in order to get a mortgage. However, it’s up to you to decide how extensive you want your coverage to be. A basic policy might only insure your home against fire, while a more comprehensive plan is more likely to protect you against events such as burglaries, arson, floods and severe storms. If you’re purchasing home insurance in Nova Scotia, a comprehensive insurance policy is the smart choice. Here’s why.

Damage caused by severe weather Haligonians need to be prepared for the possibility of being struck by hurricanes and flooding. Anyone who was around for Hurricane Juan in 2003 can tell you as much—the homes and businesses on Halifax Harbour were hit with winds as high as 200 km/h, and both coastal and inland flooding occurred. In the aftermath, 27% of the residential homes in the city had incurred enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. Damage caused by ice and snow Nova Scotia’s usual weather can cause just as much home damage as a freak storm. Winter weather can place an especially heavy toll on your roof, and months of accumulating snow, ice and sleet puts stress on a home’s structure, sometimes leading to sagging, buckling and leaks. For this reason, comprehensive home insurance is essential. Damage and losses caused by crime Another risk homeowners need to take into account is that of crime. Unfortunately, burglaries and vandalism occur regularly in Canadian cities. However, being aware of the risk and taking steps to protect yourself will go a long way. This means having strong home security as well as the appropriate insurance, so that if an incident occurs, at least you won’t be hurt financially. Insurance experts in Halifax, Nova Scotia Are you looking for a cheap insurance policy that protects you against major risks? The knowledgeable brokers at Eisenhauer Insurance can help you get quality insurance at a competitive rate. We’ll find you the insurance plan that suits you best by comparing the offerings of the different providers in Nova Scotia. For more than thirty years we’ve been providing Halifax with superior service. Contact us today!


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