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What Is Attic Rain and How To Prevent It

Excessive moisture can damage your home. One of the harmful effects of high humidity is attic rain, which occurs when moist attic air condenses on the underside of the roof and freezes. When temperatures rise, the ice melts, and the resulting water can damage studs, insulation and drywall. Here’s what homeowners can do to prevent attic rain.


What Homes Are at Risk of Attic Rain?

Attic rain is more prevalent in homes less than 15 years old because they’re more airtight than older homes. If you have a newer home, you need to be cautious about freeze-thaw temperature fluctuations, which can cause condensation in your attic. The resulting icemelt can rot your ceilings, walls and windows and lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, mildew and toxic black mould.


Preventing Attic Rain

Controlling humidity levels in your home is essential for preventing attic rain. Here are some tips to lower moisture levels in the air.

  • Showering, bathing, cooking and washing clothes increase your home’s humidity, so install and use ventilator fans in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. Ensure the fans vent outside rather than into your attic. Also, check the ductwork for cracks and disconnections that could allow humid air into the walls and attic.

  • If you have a home humidifier, ensure it’s set to appropriate levels and doesn’t over-humidify the air.

  • Check for any plumbing leaks and make any necessary repairs.

  • Avoid overwatering houseplants, and store firewood outside.

  • Use caulking to seal drafty areas around windows and holes in the drywall created for plumbing or electrical wiring.

  • Install a heat recovery ventilator to replace damp indoor air with dry outdoor air, reducing the accumulation of moisture and the risk of attic rain.

House Insurance and Attic Rain

Homeowners must do what they can to prevent attic rain, as most home insurance policies don’t cover the damage it causes. It’s good to speak with your insurance broker about what is and isn’t covered in your policy. You may consider adding extra coverage to protect yourself from a wider variety of incidents.


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