The Importance of Tenant Insurance When You Renting in Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you are renting, then your landlord's insurance will protect your home in the case of burst pipes, broken appliances, or damage to the building's physical structure, but there is plenty that it does not cover. At Eisenhauer Insurance we encourage renters living in Nova Scotia to think about tenant insurance from an insurance company that's right for them, as not enough renters realize just how important it is.

We strongly recommend tenant insurance because it will provide you with: 

Protection for your belongings

The main purpose of tenant insurance is to protect all of the belongings that you keep inside your home. Your landlord's insurance will cover building damage if, for example, a pipe bursts, but you will not be reimbursed for any damage to your belongings as a result of the burst pipe. You also want to protect your belongings in case of fire, vandalism, or theft. With tenant insurance you'll be able to replace your clothes, your electronics, your furniture, and other items inside your home should they be stolen or damaged.

Protection against claims for injuries or damages

Tenant insurance in Halifax is also important to have in order to protect yourself from claims which may be made against you for damages or injury. Accidents happen, and they can easily happen to visitors in your home. Tenant insurance can help put your mind at ease if a visitor slips on your wet kitchen floor or trips and falls over clutter, resulting in injury. You don't want to be on the line for someone's medical expenses or lost wages. It will also protect you if a fire that begins in your apartment spreads to other units and causes damage to other renter's belongings.

Coverage for temporary housing

The benefits of tenant insurance extend outside of your home, for example if you face a situation where you need to leave your home on short notice and if you require temporary housing in the meantime. Or, if a flood or a fire occurs, then you'll quickly need to find a place to stay and likely need financial assistance to do so. You may also end up needing temporary housing if your home needs repairs and, for safety reasons, you can't stay there while they are being done.

Comprehensive Tenant Insurance in Halifax, Nova Scotia for All Your Needs

Having tenant insurance in Halifax is important, but you shouldn't just take the first policy from any insurance company that you find. Choosing the right insurance company for your tenant insurance can help everything go much more smoothly should you ever need to make a claim.

Over the past 30 years, Eisenhauer Insurance has built strong relationships with reliable insurance companies in Halifax, allowing us to offer you the best tenant insurance in Halifax for your needs and your budget. If you feel that it's time to better protect yourself and your belongings, then don't wait to contact Eisenhauer Insurance today.