Starting a New Business? Get Your Halifax Business Insurance in Place

Your business needs a lot more than positivity to protect you from losses. Sadly, bad things happen to even the best business owners; insurance can protect you from those circumstances. While you may think you do not need commercial insurance in Nova Scotia until you officially open for business, the truth is, you should have insurance in place long before your first customer is in the door.

Cannot Afford Business Insurance? Think Again

Start-ups are focused on cost. From how much it costs to set up a storefront to when they will start seeing profits, they are focused on every cent. This is why most new business owners assume they cannot afford business insurance until they start making profits.

As a new business, even one that has not officially opened can be disrupted. From fires to floods to a damaged shipment, these disruptions not only delay your opening, but could cost additional funds from your pocket. Essentially, your liability starts the moment your business idea starts to become a reality, and not necessarily when business transactions starts.

How an Insurance Agent Can Help

  • Determining your potential liabilities is the first step in protecting your business. By meeting with an insurance agent, you can get a thorough assessment and see what unexpected costs you may face. A Halifax business insurance agent can:
  • Conduct a thorough assessment, identifying any potential liabilities before they become realities. From assessing your risk for a customer lawsuit to potential hazards in your retail space, they know what to look for.
  • Pull multiple quotes and comparisons so that you can find the perfect business insurance policy that suits your budget.
  • Customize a business insurance policy to suit the unique needs of your business. Because every business has its own set of risks, you need a policy that is tailored to your specific business needs.

Get Started with Your Business Insurance Quote

Whether your business is opening soon or it has already begun, do not ignore the importance of adequate insurance coverage.

Speak with an insurance agent at Eisenhauer Insurance today about business coverage or to request business insurance quotes in Nova Scotia. Call us at 902-454-5888 to set up a professional assessment for your commercial insurance.

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