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How to Prevent Bicycle Theft and What to Do If Your Bike Is Stolen

Woman locking her bicycle

Bicycle theft is a fact of life in most cities. Merely locking up your bike when you’re not using it won’t deter a motivated person with a set of bolt cutters. If you’re a bicycle owner, follow these steps to make it more difficult for thieves to snatch your ride.

Register Your Bike

Thieves may think twice about stealing your bike if they know it’s registered because it makes it hard to sell. So, register your bike for free with an organization like Project 529 Garage, the world’s largest bike registry. When you register, you’ll get a tamper-proof decal with an ID code that warns thieves that the bicycle is traceable.

Also, keep the manufacturer’s serial number in a safe place. If someone steals your bike, you’ll need it for your police report and insurance claim.

Lock Up Your Bike

Always lock your bike when you’re not using it, even if it’s in your garage. Try to park your bike indoors if possible. Outside, choose a well-lit area and lock your bike to a solid metal object securely fastened to the ground. Thieves can easily cut through wood posts and remove bolts from signposts. Lock up both wheels and the frame and use two different locks to make it even more time-consuming to steal.

Smart locks notify your smartphone if someone tampers with your lock and can help you track the bike if it’s stolen. Smart locks also emit an alarm when someone else tampers with them.

Personalize Your Bike

Give your bike a unique paint job, cover it with decals or add accessories. It’ll make your bike easy to identify, and thieves might also have difficulty selling a distinct-looking bike.

Check Your Home Insurance

Most home insurance and tenant insurance policies will cover your bike if it’s stolen. However, it’s good to check with your insurance broker. If you have an expensive bike, the insurance company may not cover the entire amount, so you may want to upgrade your policy.

If Your Bike Is Stolen

It’s impossible to prevent bike theft completely. If your bike is stolen, contact the police, report the theft to your registry and contact your insurance broker to start the claim process.

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