How to Get the Most Out of Your Insurance When You Are High Risk

We use insurance to protect what matters most to us. Whether it's our home, our car, or the well-being of our families, insurance enables us to keep what we couldn't afford to lose. When we pool our resources with others we are able to prevent crisis and overcome catastrophe.

For this reason, we can feel overwhelmed and anxious when we lose coverage. The scarlet letters of 'high risk' lead to either denials of service or overly expensive rates. Regardless if this status resulted from past mistakes or undeserved tragedy, to be high risk is to face a troubling financial future.

There is hope for those who are burdened with grim insurance prospects. There are ways to lessen your risk and secure better home, auto, and life insurance. Here are some quick tips about how to minimize risk and maximize your insurance coverage despite difficult circumstances.

Reduce Your Risk Factors for Auto Insurance

A bad driving history and multiple driving citations can hike up your premiums or even disqualify you for coverage. However, you still need insurance to legally drive and to adequately protect your vehicle against mishap. Here are some ways to lower your risk factors and qualify for better car insurance.

  • Comparison shop. There are a plenty of car insurance companies that offer high-risk auto insurance. While these policies are typically more expensive than normal insurance, you can still find affordable options among them. Contact our helpful staff at Eisenhauer Insurance to help you navigate the system and find the best coverage.
  • Make sure your record is accurate. While it takes time to remove false traffic citations and car accidents from your record, it's still possible. Once a sufficient number of citations have been removed, you will be dropped from high risk to normal status.
  • Look for discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounts on their policies. For example, you can buy an anti-theft device for your car and get lower premiums. Another option is to take driver's education courses to receive discounts and reduce your risk status.
  • Drive safe. While this may seem like the most obvious solution, if you drive safe then you avoid further hits against your driving record. Without a new history of safe driving to replace the old one, you will still have to pay high risk rates.
Be Proactive and Save with Homeowners Insurance

If your home is in a high risk zone for natural disasters, it can drastically increase the cost of your homeowner's insurance. This problem can be made worse if damage resulting from weather or other hazards forces you to make claims. After making these claims, you can face significantly higher rates and even denial of coverage. Follow these tips to make your home safer and your premiums lower.

  • Protect your home from disaster. Take precautions against local weather and disasters to reduce your risk. If you have features like back water valves, sump pumps, storm shutters, or shatterproof glass, your insurance company may give you discounts and lower your home's risk.
  • Make improvements. If you have an older home, you can reduce your costs by renovating and upgrading systems in your home. Not only will this reduce rates, it will also increase the value of your home.
Just because you are higher risk doesn't mean you should have overwhelming expenses or go without insurance. By reducing your risk and finding good deals, you can afford insurance that still protects your assets.

With advice from our experienced team at Eisenhauer Insurance you can minimize the negative effect of your high risk status. Contact us today and we can help you take steps to lower your risk.

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