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Home Insurance and Burst Pipes: What You Should Know


Having a pipe burst in your home is likely the last thing you want. But if temperatures plummet and the worst should happen, will your home insurance cover the resulting damage? If you’ve ever wondered about this, the answer is: it depends.


Here’s what you should know about burst pipes and your home insurance policy.


When are you covered?

Some cases are straightforward. If a pipe unexpectedly bursts due to an accident or event outside your control, chances are your losses will be covered.


However, if the pipe failed progressively, possibly because a small issue was allowed to snowball into a huge problem, then chances are your insurance provider won’t cover the resulting damages. This is because the insurance adjuster will deem you as negligent for not fixing the pre-existing plumbing problem. Negligence will disqualify you from coverage.


How can you ensure you’re covered?

Even if the burst pipe isn’t your fault, keep in mind most insurers will not cover lead pipes and that most policies have a time limit on the amount of time a home can be left vacant and still be protected by the policy, usually 48 hours but some specify 24. The first issue can be avoided by checking prior to signing a policy, and the second by having friends or family check in on your home daily when you travel.


Furthermore, keep in mind that a burst pipe will cause extensive damage to your home, as it can lead to ruined ceilings and floors, mould, rotting materials and electrical problems. This means that the first sign of a pipe leaking could be something seemingly unrelated, so make sure to find the root cause of any issue that crops up.


What type of insurance do you need?

Different types of insurance policies offer varying protections against water damage.

Home insurance. These policies usually cover sudden, accidental water damage.

• Sewer back-up coverage. This add-on policy can be a good investment, as sewer back-ups are not typically covered by home insurance policies.

• Overland flooding. This type of coverage protects you from flooding caused by extreme weather, but may be expensive, depending on where you live and other factors.


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