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Does Your Car Insurance Go up When You Get a Ticket?

In most cases, getting a ticket increases the cost of your car insurance. This is true for the majority of traffic violations; in addition to paying a fine and receiving demerit points, your insurance takes a hit. However, the impact to your car insurance premium varies depending on a few factors.

Moreover, there are certain tickets that won’t raise your rates. In this article, we explore all this in detail.


Which traffic tickets affect my insurance?
Only traffic violations that show up on your driving record can affect your insurance rates. Since parking tickets and photo radar tickets don’t go on your record, they can’t raise your insurance. However, all other traffic violations are fair game, including speeding tickets, careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt.


Does your insurance increase depending on how many tickets you receive?
Yes, the increase to your premium will be greater for each successive ticket. The severity of the violation is also a factor.


How much does a speeding ticket affect my rates?
The first thing is to understand is that there are two categories of tickets: regular and serious traffic violations. Speeding up to 49 km/h over the speed limit constitutes a regular traffic violation, while speeding 50 km/h or more over the limit or speeding in a school or playground zone constitutes a serious traffic violation.


The surcharge you incur on your insurance is the same for all regular traffic violations for speeding: it doesn’t matter whether you were going 5 km/h or 49 km/h over the limit. A serious traffic violation will involve a more substantial surcharge.


The number of speeding tickets and other traffic violations you already have will also factor in to the surcharge.

When will I see the change in my rates?
If you’ve received a ticket, you can expect to see a hike in your rates next time your insurance comes up for renewal. Your insurer will find out about your ticket when they check your driving record.


How long does a ticket stay on my driving record?
Generally, a regular traffic violation will stay on your record for three years, counting from the date you paid the fine. A serious traffic violation, however, can remain on your record for longer. Once the ticket is stricken off your record, it won’t affect your insurance anymore.


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