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8 Tips for Protecting Your Home While You’re on Vacation

It’s an unfortunate fact that being away on holiday makes your home vulnerable to thieves. However, there are a number of precautions you can take that will significantly reduce the chances that your house will be targeted. Here are eight tips for securing your house before going on vacation. 


1. Reinforce the doors
First and foremost, make sure your doors have deadbolt locks that are highly resistant to being kicked in, drilled or picked.


2. Lock the windows
It’s common for burglars to break in to homes through windows. Make sure all yours are locked before closing up your home.


3. Purchase a security system
If you don’t already have one, consider buying a security system. This way, a control centre will automatically be notified and appropriate action will be taken should an intruder enter your home and trip the alarm.


4. Set light timers
Put some of your lights on automatic timers so that it looks like people are home. Ideally, use the sort of timer that works at random intervals, in case potential burglars are surveying your neighbourhood.


5. Light up your yard
Burglars want to be as inconspicuous as possible: make your home uninviting to them by having a well-lit yard. Lights on timers, sensor lights and path lights are all good options.


6. Manage your mail
If you have newspapers, flyers and mail piling up outside your front door, this is a clear sign that no one’s home. Put your mail on hold or arrange to have a neighbour pick it up as needed.


7. Have someone tend to your property
A neglected lawn or un-shovelled driveway are obvious signs of your absence. Arrange to have someone mow your lawn or clear your driveway while you’re away.


8. Don’t talk about your holiday online
Tempting as it may be, it’s inadvisable to post anything on social media that reveals that you’re on vacation. Otherwise, you’re telling potential burglars that your house is vulnerable.


Home Insurance in Nova Scotia
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