motorcycle in winter

6 Things You Need to Do to Winterize Your Motorcycle


Simply parking your bike in a garage for the winter can lead to major problems and the need to make repairs. Follow these simple steps to properly prepare your motorcycle for winter storage and ensure that it’s ready for the road come spring.


1. Charge your battery

Motorcycle batteries need to be kept charged during the winter months. Modern bike batteries have a simple portal that you can plug a charger into. For best results, use a 1-amp motorcycle battery charger. A standard 2-amp charger is too powerful and will overheat your battery.


If you have an older bike, remove the battery and connect it to the charger. Don’t let your battery freeze, but store it in a cool place on top of wood, plastic or thick cardboard (avoid concrete).


2. Stabilize your gasoline

Fill your tank with gas to prevent condensation. Add a fuel stabilizer to hinder the volatile components of the gas from evaporating. Many bikes have a hard time starting in spring because of stale, untreated gasoline.


3. Store your bike off the ground

Storing your bike on the ground will result in there being “flat spots” on your tires come spring. To prevent this, lift the motorcycle off the ground using wood blocks to take pressure off your tires.


4. Change the oil

Fall is a great time of year to give your motorcycle an annual oil. Also, top off your coolant and other fluids.


5. Prepare your exhaust system

Many models have a weep-hole built into the lowest part of the exhaust to let out condensation. Make sure the hole is open and draining. Plug the exhaust pipe with an oily rag to keep out rodents that may want to use your exhaust pipe for a winter nest.


6. Don’t cancel your insurance

You may be tempted to save money and cancel your motorcycle insurance for the winter, but don’t. If something happens to your bike while in storage, you may not be covered. Most annual insurance policies for seasonal vehicles take into account the need for winter storage.


When spring comes, talk to your insurance broker and make sure you’re properly covered before hitting the highway.


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