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6 Things You Didn’t Know Your Home Insurance Covers


Home insurance is a bit of a misleading term. What we call home or homeowners insurance covers a lot more than just your house and furniture. Here are six little-known coverages that are included in a standard home insurance policy.


1. Spoiled food
Not only does your home insurance cover your refrigerator and other major appliances, this coverage also extends to the food in your fridge and freezer. So, if the power goes out and food items go bad as a result, you can get reimbursed for your losses. If you tend to stockpile, your fridge and freezer contents could add up to several hundreds of dollars.


2. Storage items
A standard home insurance policy covers more than just the items in your house: it also covers personal property that you store off-site, such as in a storage locker.


3. Items in a dorm
Does your child live in a college dorm? Your home insurance plan likely still covers their possessions through its off-premises coverage. However, note that this coverage usually only applies if they’re in a dorm and not, for instance, in a shared student home.


4. Identity theft
Many home and tenant insurance policies protect you from the costs associated with identity theft. This includes legal fees and lost wages for missed work days.


5. Interior decorator
If your home or part of your home was damaged in a fire or flood, your insurance company may cover rebuilding costs as well as those of hiring an interior decorator. However, this will only apply if an interior decorator had originally been used to furnish your home, or at least the damaged area.


6. Gravestones
A standard home insurance policy extends to gravestones. And, don’t worry, they don’t need to be on your property. This coverage can reimburse you for weather damage, vandalism and theft.


Interestingly, this list could be a lot longer. Speak with a qualified insurance broker to get a complete picture of what is included in a home insurance or tenant insurance policy.


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