5 Common business insurance claims

If you own a business, you know how difficult it can be when unforeseen events interfere with your workflow. Whether it’s accidents on the job or bad weather slowing down deliveries, any number of different things can affect your bottom line.

Every entrepreneur should protect his or her business against losses by getting the right insurance policy. If you’re tired of insurance companies that aren’t truly invested in helping your business find solutions to your unique needs, we want to convince you that getting the right policy doesn’t have to be a struggle. At Eisenhauer Insurance Inc., we understand the importance of fast and effective insurance service for companies in Halifax. We’ll help you design a policy specific to your operation and keep you protected should calamity strike. Here are just five of the most common situations in which businesses file insurance claims:

1. Burglary
Not only are burglaries from criminals a possibility, it’s an unfortunate truth that employees can also be tempted to take items from their employers. Insurance policies can cover lost inventory in cases such as these.

2. Vehicle accidents
You want your employees to feel safe when working for your company—both on your premises and on the road. If an accident occurs that involves one of your company’s vehicles, you want to be sure that both the well-being of the employee in the accident and the value lost to your company will equally be covered by your policy.

3. Liability for an accident involving a customer
If you’re a retail vendor, the more customers you have, the better. At the same time, having many customers on your property increases the possibility that one of them may have an accident. The last thing you want is an unhappy customer blaming you for an accident that occurs in your store. Insurance can bring you peace of mind in these situations and allow you to focus on providing the best customer service possible.

4. Product liability
If something goes wrong with one of your products, you don’t want it to ruin your business. Product liability insurance can help you keep your business on track, even if an accident occurs with one or more pieces of your merchandise.

5. Water damage
You probably already know how valuable your company’s assets are, and that includes the building in which you work. You may not think about it often, but water is the most significant threat to your building and can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even know a pipe has burst or your building has flooded. But if you’re protected by business insurance, you can safeguard your assets and get back to work quickly.

If your business is looking into insurance companies in Halifax, contact us at Eisenhauer Insurance Inc. today. We can help you find the insurance policy that’s right for your business.