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10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Car Insurance Covers


Your car insurance may offer more protection than you think, especially if you opt for a plan with comprehensive coverage. Here are 10 things you may not know your car insurance covers.


1. Pothole damage


Potholes can be tough to avoid when driving in the city. They can also do their fair share of damage, from bent rims to scratched or broken undercarriage components. Fortunately, this type of damage is included as part of your collision coverage.


2. Legal fees


Most car insurance policies will cover the costs of legal representation in the event that you’re sued following a car accident.


3. Damage from wildlife


Comprehensive insurance covers damage resulting from collisions with wildlife. It also covers damage caused by rats, mice and other rodents gnawing the wires under your hood, which is a more common issue than you might think.


4. Vandalism


A comprehensive policy covers damage that can occur to your vehicle while it’s parked, from minor dents and scratches to broken windows. Generally, this also includes damage caused during a riot.


5. Damage from natural disasters


Comprehensive coverage will reimburse you for damage resulting from an earthquake, flood, tornado or even a volcanic eruption.


6. Hail damage


Most comprehensive policies cover hail damage and other storm-related losses such as damage caused by falling branches or wind-blown objects.


7. Veterinary bills


If you get in an accident with your dog or cat on board and they get injured, your collision coverage may include the cost of their vet bill.


8. Hotel rooms


If you get in an accident while out of town and this interrupts your travel plans, certain comprehensive insurance policies will pay for your accommodations until you can be on your way again.


9. A new car


If your car is a total write-off following an accident, you may be entitled to a brand new vehicle, depending on the details of your policy.


10. Car seats


Child car seats aren’t cheap. Fortunately, under most comprehensive car insurance policies, child car seats are considered part of the vehicle, which means their replacement cost will be covered if they get stolen or damaged in an accident.


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