What You Need to Know about Landlord Insurance

Be Careful Who You Rent To

Choosing the right tenant is probably the best way to ensure the safety of your investment. A bad tenant could mean a number of things. They could disturb the other residents in your building, ultimately leading difficulties renting out other units. A bad tenant might be someone who refuses to pay their rent on time (if at all), or even a tenant who routinely causes damage to the unit they’ve rented. Luckily for you, there are landlord insurance policies that can cover the cost of any malicious damage caused by unruly tenants and even loss of rental income from tenants who refuse to pay.

Be Prepared in Case Someone Decides to Sue

While this might seem unlikely, it’s prudent to obtain coverage on your insurance policy in case someone decides to sue for an accidental death or injury that occurs on your property. Find a policy that covers any potential lawsuit an unhappy tenant decides to bring your way.

Always Account for Theft

If you’re offering your tenants fully or partially furnished apartments, there is always the possibility that someone tries to steal from your unit. Even a tenant with good references might turn out to be a little shadier that you expected. Should a tenant decide to steal from you, you’ll want to make sure that you have an insurance policy that covers theft from your furnished apartment unit.

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