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What Your Tenant’s Insurance Will Cover, and What It Won’t

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If you live in an apartment or condo, you may think tenant’s insurance, or renter’s insurance, is an unnecessary expense. However, investing in tenant’s insurance can save you money in the long run. When choosing a policy, it’s essential to know what’s covered and what isn’t, so you can make an informed choice and get the best possible coverage.

What’s Covered in a Tenant Insurance Policy

*All policies are different so it is important to ask your provider what is covered.

Here are some of the situations that could be covered by tenant’s insurance:

  • Theft and disasters. Tenant’s insurance will cover your personal belongings if they’re stolen. It’ll also cover your things if they’re damaged or destroyed by fire, smoke or, * vandalism, lightning and more.

  • Accidents. Without tenant’s insurance, you could be liable if someone gets injured in your apartment or condo. Tenant’s insurance provides personal liability coverage that will cover you if you damage someone else’s property. Policies can also cover incidents like dog bites.

  • Accommodation during repairs. If a major plumbing leak or fire forces you out of your home, tenant’s insurance will help pay for a hotel or other accommodation. You’ll also be covered for meals and other rentals you’re forced to pay for because of your situation.

What’s Not Covered in Your Tenant Insurance

There are limits to what a standard tenant’s insurance policy will cover. Here are some situations where a typical policy won’t provide coverage:

  • Earthquakes and natural disasters. Regular tenant’s insurance policies won’t cover you if your personal belongings are damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood. However, you can purchase riders, or supplemental coverage, if you live in a flood or earthquake-prone area.

  • Your vehicle. Tenant’s insurance covers the contents of your car if, for example, someone steals your golf clubs or guitar from inside the car. However, the vehicle isn’t covered; you must purchase an auto insurance policy to protect your car.

  • Pest damage. Whether from rats, bedbugs or raccoons, tenant’s insurance won’t cover belongings damaged or destroyed by pests. It’s up to you to keep your space pest free, so inform your landlord promptly of any possible infestations.

  • Pet damage. If your dog chews up your sofa or your cat claws your living room area rug, your tenant’s insurance policy won’t cover you.

  • The building itself. Your apartment’s walls, doors and communal spaces fall under your landlord’s insurance policy. However, every rental agreement is different, so check which items your agreement states are your responsibility and which are your landlord’s.

Renter’s Insurance in Halifax and Throughout Nova Scotia

At Eisenhauer Insurance Inc., we provide comprehensive tenant’s insurance coverage to apartment and condo dwellers. Contact us today in Halifax or Dartmouth to speak to one of our brokers about purchasing a policy that best protects you and your belongings.


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