Shopping for High-Risk Car Insurance in Halifax? 5 Things You Need to Know

From an insurance standpoint, there are two types of drivers: high-risk and low-risk. If an insurance company labels you as a high-risk driver, it means insuring you is risky because of your driving record or even your experience.

  • They have multiple accidents on their record
  • They have multiple citations or speeding tickets
  • They have been convicted of a DUI
  • They have just received a license
  • They have poor credit history and/or a poor credit score

Despite being high-risk, you can still get car insurance in Nova Scotia. Your insurance agent can help you understand coverage terms, shop the best policy to suit your needs and, more importantly, be there for you if you ever happen to be in an accident and need to submit a claim.

5 Things High-Risk Drivers Must Know about Auto Insurance
You can still find affordable auto insurance in Halifax regardless if you are a high-risk driver, just by knowing these five facts:

1. Our Brokers Specialize in High-Risk Car Insurance Coverage: 

While not every insurance company covers high-risk drivers, high-risk auto insurance is an Eisenhauer Insurance specialty. Our brokers know what companies do and can still find you coverage through a trusted insurance provider.

2. You Can Still Comparison Shop: 

Just because you are high-risk does not mean you cannot comparison shop auto insurance in Nova Scotia. Your broker will have access to multiple insurance carriers and can give you a variety of quotes based on your coverage needs.

3. A High-Risk Insurance Policy Does Not Have to Break the Bank: 

High-risk does not always mean expensive insurance. There are plenty of companies out there that understand everyone needs insurance; and they offer quality coverage that is still budget-friendly.

4. You Can Still Insure a Motorcycle: 

Even high-risk drivers can find affordable motorcycle insurance in Nova Scotia.

5. You Will Not be High-Risk Forever: 

While you may be high-risk now, avoiding future accidents and citations could improve your driving record and lower your risk status in as little as one year. A good insurance agent can also recommend other ways you can reduce negative marks against your driving record; such as, taking a class.

Discuss Your High-Risk Status with an Insurance Broker
High-risk drivers also deserve to have good auto insurance coverage. By working with an insurance broker, you can get the best rates and coverage possible.

Speak with an insurance agent at Eisenhauer Insurance now about your high-risk insurance coverage. Call us at 902-454-5888 to get a quote over the phone or contact us online.

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