Pros and Cons of Dashcams


Dashcams are an increasingly popular device among motorists. Despite being a fairly recent product, they’re already used by 10% of Canadian drivers. In this article, we outline the pros and cons of installing a dashcam.


What is a dashcam?
A dashcam is a video camera that mounts on or above the dashboard and records what’s happening in front of the car. Most devices record hours of driving footage in a constant loop, with newer video replacing older video.


Many dashcams also have a standby mode that records activity in front of the parked car when motion has been detected. And some cameras provide two-way footage of both the road and the interior of the car.


What are the advantages of having a dashcam?
Here are some of the pros of installing a dashcam:


• A dashcam can provide accurate accident footage. In a multi-vehicle collision, drivers often have conflicting accounts. Dashcam footage can provide an objective depiction of what happened. This can save you from being unfairly found at fault for an accident. Additionally, it can stop insurance fraud in the event of a staged accident.


• It can get you out of a ticket. Dashcam video footage is routinely accepted as evidence in court. If you’re unfairly written up for a traffic violation, your dashcam can help you fight the charge.


• It can monitor your parked car. Thanks to motion detection sensors, dashcams can be activated even if your car is turned off. This can allow you to catch the license plate of anyone who bumps your car and leaves the scene. It can also provide evidence to the police or to your insurance company in the event of vandalism of theft.


What are the disadvantages of having a dashcam?
Here are a few drawbacks of having a dashcam in your vehicle:


• A dashcam can be distracting. If you’re tempted to fiddle with it when driving, it may become a hazard.


• It can tempt thieves. While dashcams are supposed to catch thieves in the act, they’re also valuable objects that can make your car a target.

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