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Melting Snow: How to Prevent Your Basement From Flooding


Many Canadians look forward to warmer temperatures in the spring. However, rapidly melting snow can lead to flooding. Here are four tips to help you prevent your basement from becoming water-logged as the weather warms up.


1. Shovel snow away from your home

As a rule of thumb, keeping snow at least one metre away from your home’s foundation will help prevent water from seeping into your basement. In addition, you should remove any excess snow from your roof and overhangs. A 92 square-metre (1,000 square-foot) roof that’s covered in 30 centimetres of snow can create over 9,400 litres of water. If preventive measures aren’t taken, this meltwater could end up pooling around your foundation and flooding your basement.


2. Keep your downspouts, gutters and drains clear

It’s important to remove ice, leaves, twigs and other debris that could prevent proper drainage from your downspouts, gutters and drains. If they’re clogged, meltwater can spill over seep into the ground along your foundation, which could lead to flooding. You may also want to extend the length of your downspouts to effectively divert melting snow away from your home.


3. Seal cracks in your basement

Flooding can occur if water seeps through existing cracks in your basement’s exterior walls and foundation. Therefore, it’s a good idea to repair small cracks with an epoxy sealer. Large cracks should be repaired by a professional. In addition, you may need to apply fresh caulking around your basement windows.


4. Test your sump pump

You should test your sump pump to ensure it’s in good working condition when the snow melts. You can do this by pouring a bucket of water into the sump basin to engage the pump. If the pump doesn’t automatically turn on, you should call a professional to investigate the issue and have it fixed. Your sump pump is the first line of defence if water gets into your basement.


Do you have the right insurance?

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