Backyard landscape with pond and plants

Landscaping Tips to Prevent Flooding

Climate change has caused an increase in the number of severe storms, which in turn leads to flooding due to torrential rainfall. Flooding can destroy homes and ruin treasured personal possessions. The good news is that homeowners can make landscaping choices that could protect their homes from heavy rains and overland flooding. Here are some strategies you can use.


Redirect Water Flow

It’s almost impossible to completely flood-proof your home, but you can guide the water to flow in a direction that does less harm to your property. A rain garden is a landscape feature that collects rainwater and allows it to filter into the soil away from your home. It consists of a depression filled with loose soil and native grasses, flowers and shrubs. Rainwater will naturally collect in the depression instead of around your house.

A basic floodproofing technique is to slope the ground away from your home’s foundation. Ensure the sloping continues for two to three metres from the house. Point your downspouts well away from your home and towards your rain garden or vegetation that can absorb the water.

Make Your Landscape More Absorbent

Plant native vegetation around your home to prevent erosion and absorb rainfall. Plants with shallow root systems can drown if they sit in standing water. Regularly maintain your lawn to keep the roots healthy, so they can take in the maximum amount of water. Keep grass trimmed to between six and eight centimetres, and aerate your lawn at least once a year to encourage root growth.


Make Your House More Water Resistant

Place hard surfaces next to your home. Using asphalt or patio stones will prevent water from sinking into the ground near your house and possibly entering your basement. In winter, prevent snow from accumulating around your home.

Landscaping is vital in protecting your home from flooding, even in heavy downpours. For extra protection, ensure your home insurance is up to date. Most standard policies don’t include coverage for flooding due to rain. Consider adding water coverage to your home insurance policy if you live in a flood-prone area. Talk to an insurance agent to find the best coverage for your needs.


Home Insurance in Nova Scotia

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