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How to Protect Your Business From Theft and Vandalism When It’s Closed


A big part of owning a business is protecting it in the hours when it’s vacant and therefore vulnerable to theft and vandalism.


Whether your business has temporarily closed, or you simply need to beef up your current security measures, here are four of the best things you can do to protect your business from would-be burglars and vandals.


1. Lock up
Securing your business involves a lot more than just locking the door. Here are a few security devices you should be using for your business:


• Deadbolt locks. These provide the best protection against forced entry.
• Padlocks. If you have a gate or shutter, you should secure it with a sturdy padlock.
• Secure door hinges. These help prevent the removal of the door by its hinges.
• Window locks. It’s very important to secure your windows, as they’re a potential point of entry.


2. Use lighting
Lighting deters burglars and vandals. It also makes them more visible on security cameras. The most cost-effective option is to install motion sensor lights inside and outside your building. Place them above doors, on walls that may be vandalized and in other strategic spots. Another option is to keep certain lights on inside your business overnight.


3. Have an alarm system
The purpose of an alarm system is to ensure that police respond to a theft as rapidly as possible. Choose a system that provides a level of security that’s appropriate for your business. The most sophisticated alarm systems monitor openings (including windows) as well the walls, floor and ceiling, while more basic units monitor only doors or windows and doors. In addition to helping catch thieves, alarm systems serve as an effective crime deterrent.


4. Install video surveillance
If you have video surveillance it can help you catch potential burglars and vandals. It can also help deter those who have criminal intentions. For extra protection, opt for a computer-based surveillance system that allows you to check up on your business from home or elsewhere. Some systems also allow you to remotely control the camera.


Business Insurance in Nova Scotia
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