Winter Storm

How to Prepare Your Home for a Winter Storm


Winter storms can be devastating. In addition to making road conditions hazardous, they often cause serious damage to property.


That’s why it’s crucial that your home and family are protected. In addition to making sure your home insurance policy is up to date, here’s what you should do before, during and after a winter storm.


Before the storm

It’s a good idea to make a habit of following the local news so you don’t miss a storm warning.
You should also take steps to ensure that your home is ready to withstand winter storms. Inspect your house, checking to make sure that that there’s sufficient insulation in the walls and attic, then making sure doors and windows are properly caulked and weatherproofed. You should also insulate your pipes to protect them from freezing. In rural areas, installing a snow fence around your property is another wise precautionary measure.


In addition, make sure you have all the equipment you and your family need to get through a winter blackout. This includes first aid kits, warm blankets, shovels to remove snow, a secondary heat source such as a space heater and enough water and food to last a few days. You want to avoid having to go out during the storm and be able to shelter in place if necessary.


During the storm

When the storm hits, stay informed of any developments and follow instructions relayed by authorities through local news outlets. You should also avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary. You should also keep all pets inside.


If you do go out, bring someone with you, as a buddy. Protect yourself against hypothermia and frostbite by dressing warmly.


After the storm

Once the storm has passed, keep in mind that the roads may still be dangerous for some time. The same goes for your property. Winter storms can break tree limbs, fell power lines and create a range of other hazards around your home, so exercise caution when going outside to survey the damage sustained during the storm. Also, when you clear snow, remember to take breaks to avoid overexertion.


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