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How to Care For Your Clothes Dryer


Halifax firefighters respond to an average of 10 dryer fires every year. Although some fires result in minor smoke damage, others can destroy entire homes. Maintaining and caring for your dryer can help prevent you from making a home insurance claim that could increase your future premiums. Here are seven dryer maintenance tips.


1. Keep the lint screen clean

Remove and clean the dryer’s lint screen before every load. Preventing lint buildup in and around the dryer is crucial because most dryer fires start when lint clogs the motor, thermostat or other electrical components. Moreover, every month, use a vacuum to clean the space inside the dryer where your lint screen goes.


2. Clean the interior

Every few months, unplug your dryer and wipe down the inside of the drum, the door and the appliance’s exterior with a damp cloth.


3. Vacuum underneath and around the dryer

Keep the area around your dryer clean and free from dirt and dust. Regularly sweep or vacuum around and underneath your dryer.


4. Ensure your dryer is level

If your dryer shakes or moves while operating, it may not be level. Adjust the feet at the dryer’s base until it sits level. A dryer that’s off-balance can cause the machine to prematurely wear out.


5. Check the exterior exhaust

Go outside and check your dryer’s exhaust vent to ensure it’s clear of debris and lint. Additionally, ensure there aren’t any flowers, shrubs or snowbanks blocking it.


6. Dry clothes while you’re home

Don’t put a load of wet clothes in the dryer before going out or going to bed. A dryer fire can happen at any time and, if not caught early, can lead to catastrophic damage.


7. Keep the dryer duct clean

Ensure the flexible metal hose that connects your dryer to the exterior exhaust vent is clean and allows hot air to flow through. Remove any sharp bends or kinks in the duct where lint can accumulate. Replace the duct if necessary. A clogged dryer duct is a high-risk factor for house fires.


Follow these tips to reduce the risk of a dryer fire.


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