Do I Need to Tell My Insurance Providers That I’m Going Away on Vacation?

Not everyone knows this, but if you leave your home unattended without making the proper arrangements, you could be left to pay out of pocket in the event of a damage claim. And this applies even if you’re out of town for just a few days.

In this article, we outline why it’s important to talk with your insurance provider before going on vacation.


Home insurance
Most home insurance policies carry the stipulation that if your house is left unattended for a stretch of days, typically three or four, certain damages won’t be covered. This may involve damage resulting from problems that arise with your plumbing, heating or air conditioning system and includes flooding caused by a burst pipe — one of the most common damages in unattended homes during winter, due to freezing in pipes.


However, if you arrange for another person to check up on your home daily, your coverage will usually remain in effect. There may be a few other circumstances in which your coverage isn’t affected. For example, if you take the precaution of turning off the water supply and draining all the pipes and domestic water containers (including your hot water tanks and toilets). However, for most people, these are impractical options.


The fine print varies between insurance policies, so it’s important to check with your provider about what your exact obligations are when you go out of town.


Travelers insurance
Another subject to bring up with your insurance provider before your vacation is travelers insurance. If you’re leaving the country, your policy won’t be valid. So, if you fall ill or get injured, you could end up footing an astronomically high medical bill. To ensure that you’re adequately protected, talk to your insurer about your travelers insurance options.


Auto insurance
Are you driving down to the U.S. for holidays? If so, your car insurance will still be valid south of the border, but you may want to temporarily raise your liability coverage. Due to the exchange rate and other factors, liability claims are usually higher in the U.S.


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