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6 Must-Have Security Technologies for Your Home

Home security technology has exploded recently, with an expanding array of connected devices that immediately notify you if something’s wrong. Here are six devices that can make your home more secure.


1. Home alarm system

Modern alarm systems have motion detectors strategically placed throughout your home and sensors at your doors and windows. If these sensors are triggered while you’re away, they’ll send a notification to your phone, so you can respond quickly.


Most home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install security systems, especially those monitored 24/7 by a central security company. Talk to your home insurance broker to find out if you qualify.


2. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors could save your life. Modern devices can connect to your phone and alert you of smoke or other pollutants and where in the house it’s coming from. Be sure to check the batteries according to device recommendations.


3. Security cameras

Security cameras in your home let you visually monitor your home from anywhere at any time. If you receive a notification from a motion sensor or smoke detector, you can quickly check your camera feeds to see what’s wrong. Some models have microphones for audio detection and speakers that let you talk to whoever’s in your house. Many cameras now have facial recognition to determine if the person’s an intruder.


4. Smart doorbell

A smart doorbell lets you see who’s at your front door without having to open it. You don’t even need to be home. It’ll record video when someone’s at the door, which can be helpful if there’s a break-in or your delivery package disappears.


5. Smart lock

Quickly replacing the traditional lock-and-key system, the smart lock connects with your mobile device through an app, letting you lock or unlock your door from anywhere. These locks can be programmed to store data about who used the door and when. Many models use a code or PIN. Others use radio-frequency identification (RFID), which recognizes signals from a small chip inside a tag or wristband.


6. Water detector

A water detector is a device you place at your backwater valve, hot water tank or washing machine. The unit connects to your home’s network and warns you of water build-up. The early warning helps you act quickly and to avoid a flood and the subsequent home insurance claim.


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