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5 Potential Fire Hazards in Your Home


When it comes to house fires, prevention is key. While having functional smoke alarms and a fire extinguisher is a must, it’s just as important for homeowners to do everything they can to prevent fires from igniting in the first place.


After all, a fire can start in an instant and spread through a home in a matter of minutes. Here are five potential fire hazards in your home that you should be aware of.


1. Cooking equipment

Kitchen appliances are among the leading causes of house fires. To reduce the risk of a fire when cooking, keep anything that can ignite (dish towels, oven mitts, etc.) away from heat sources. You should also avoid leaving the kitchen while cooking, and be sure to keep your appliances clean, as grease and food residue are flammable.


2. Cigarettes

Smoking is another main cause of house fires. If you smoke, it’s best to do so outdoors. If you choose to smoke indoors, be sure to fully extinguish the butt in a deep ash tray. Additionally, don’t smoke when you’re feeling drowsy; if you fall asleep and drop a lit cigarette on a couch, bed or carpet, this could spark a fire.


3. Faulty wiring

Old or faulty wiring causes tens of thousands of house fires every year. Signs that your wiring is faulty or aging include visibly damaged wires, flickering or dimming lights and burning smells. If you think there’s an issue with your wiring, don’t wait to call in an electrician.


4. Christmas tree

If you put an evergreen in your home every December, it’s important to be aware of the fire hazard. The combination of heat-emitting lights and dry branches can be highly dangerous. If you choose to have a Christmas tree, be sure to water it often and dispose of it when the branches start to get dry and brittle.


5. Unsupervised children

It isn’t uncommon for kids to be tempted to play with matches or lighters. If you have young children, keep these items locked away safely. In addition, never leave your kids unsupervised in a room where a candle or fire is burning. Finally, be sure to impress on your kids the importance of never playing with fire.


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