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4 ways to save money on car insurance

Car insurance rates are straightforward: the higher the risk and the higher the cost to settle claims, the higher the premium.

Car insurance rates are straightforward: the higher the risk and the higher the cost to settle claims, the higher the premium. Here are four ways you can make this equation work in your favour and save money on car insurance.


1.   Build a good driving record

Driving carefully and following the rules of the road keeps you and others safe and pays serious dividends when it comes to your insurance. Accidents and traffic tickets reliably drive up premiums.


2.   Take a driver training course

By attending a driver training course, you may be eligible for an insurance discount. In addition, this should help improve your driving skills and knowledge of traffic rules, thereby reducing the odds that you’re involved in an accident or commit a traffic violation.

If you do get a ticket, you sometimes have the option of attending traffic school to have it dismissed or to reduce the number of demerit points you’ll get. This is often worth the trouble, as it may prevent your premiums from increasing.


3.   Drive a car that’s cheap to insure

If you’re shopping for a car, look up the insurance rates for the models you’re considering. Safe and moderately priced cars are usually a good bet. A vehicle with good safety features reduces the risk of injury to the driver and passengers, which in turn lowers insurance costs. Finally, the less pricey a vehicle is, the less it costs to repair and therefore to insure.


4.   Ask your broker about discounts

Find out what additional discounts your insurance company offers. You may earn a reduction in your premium by car pooling with other and lowering the amount of kilometers you put on your vehicle a year, installing an alarm or installing a telematics device. These track your vehicle usage and driving habits.

Finally, a sure way to lower your auto insurance is to bundle it with your home insurance. Most insurance companies offer incentives to customers who hold multiple policies with them.


Affordable car insurance in Nova Scotia

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