Get a Business or Commercial Insurance for Your Company in Halifax Nova Scotia

If you own a company in Halifax or the surrounding area, having business insurance is critical. Why? The risks of not having a policy far outweigh the costs of adequately insuring your business.

Your company likely has many assets to consider, including property, office space, equipment, inventory and vehicles.

Would you be able to recoup your losses if any of those items were lost or destroyed? Would you have cash on hand to replace them right away? For most business owners, the answer is a definitive “no.”

By insuring your business, you will be able to protect your valuable business assets and get up and running again when misfortune strikes.

Which Type of Commercial Insurance Should You Get in Nova Scotia?

The type of coverage your business needs varies depending on the type of company you operate, the number of employees and the risks involved with your work. In many cases, business owners choose to bundle different types of coverage. Here are some types of insurance products that protect your assets and earnings:

  • Property—covers the physical property and building where you operate your business in the event of hazards such as fire or someone accidentally running their vehicle through your storefront window (it happens more than you’d think!).
  • Business interruption—protects loss of earnings if you need to shut your business down temporarily while restoring damage done to your property.
  • Vehicle—covers any vehicles your company owns and operates for business purposes, whether it is you or an employee driving.
  • Contents—protects assets inside the building such as computers, desks, inventory and other items your business uses.

Which Type of Commercial Insurance Should You Get in Halifax Nova Scotia?

Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen—accidents that could harm your customers, employees or suppliers. To protect your company from being sued, you will want to consider the following coverage:

  • Professional liability —protects you if your company is sued for negligence, errors or omissions while performing your services.
  • General liability —covers you if a customer or any of your employees are injured while on your business premises.
  • Product liability —protects you in the event that a defective product or piece of equipment causes serious harm to a customer or employee using it

How Can You Find the Right Company to Help You in Halifax?

The examples above are just some of the many options available. With so many plans to choose from, trying to figure out what you need can feel like a full- time job! Luckily, your dedicated broker at Eisenhauer will do all the legwork for you, comparing options with each insurer to get you the best package available for your business.

We work with top commercial insurance providers in Halifax to make sure you have the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Come by the office, give us a call or email us to set up an appointment today.

At Eisenhauer, we offer no-pressure, no-obligation, consultative insurance services.

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