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The Most Comprehensive Car Insurance Alternatives In Halifax

There are three types of Nova Scotia auto insurance: liability, collision, and comprehensive.

Liability and Collision Insurance
Automobile liability insurance is required by law, sometimes this is referred to as PLPD. This insurance covers damages and injuries you may cause as you drive a vehicle. Accident Benefits coverage is also required and it covers injury and lost wages that you suffer as a result of an accident, even if it was your own fault. DCPD is a new coverage that is required in Nova Scotia, it provides coverage for your own vehicle if somebody else hits you and they are at fault. With this coverage your own company handles the repairs to your vehicle. Having robust liability car insurance in Nova Scotia will protect you against mistakes as well as from those of others.

Collision insurance is an optional coverage. If your car is damaged in an accident, collision insurance will pay for repairs and is subject to a deductible that you can choose. Accordingly, collision insurance is based on the make, model, age of your vehicle and also how much the average repair cost.

Comprehensive Insurance
Comprehensive insurance is another optional coverage. It covers all the things you might need from auto insurance around Halifax. This type of insurance insures against fire, theft, glass, vandalism, environmental damage, and other “I never considered that” items. Comprehensive insurance is usually affordable, but the biggest benefit by far is the peace of mind that comes with knowing all your bases are covered with auto insurance around Nova Scotia. Contact us for an exceptional service, and competitive price!

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